Uncovering Potential

Intensive Career Exploration Program

For many people with a disability, employment is so much more than just a job. It is an opportunity to feel that they are contributing and being a productive member of their community. J&CRNC specializes in providing high-quality solutions for employers and support for job seekers and employees with significant intellectual disability to gain and maintain sustainable employment. We place people at the center of all career planning and develop a plan that leads to the ultimate goal of successful employment.

Our Vocational Assessments help you identify jobs that match your aptitudes, interests, skills and physical abilities.

We use a number of counseling and rehabilitative approaches to help consumers make positive psychological adjustments to life in the world of work. We believe that rigorous, comprehensive, and consistent vocational assessment and evaluation practices are essential for facilitating successful return to work. Vocational assessments identify an individual’s characteristics, education, training, and placement needs; serve as the basis for planning an individual’s educational program; and provide insight into his or her vocational potential.

How We Help

Specific To Each Client's Situation

Our vocational assessment seeks to remove barriers to employment and works towards a successful vocational experience. Job descriptions are matched with strengths and goals of the adult, and a creative approach is used to accommodate each individual. Using a person-centered approach proves most successful for the accomplishments of our adults. Vocational Assessments provide objective snapshots about a client’s realistic vocational potential and overall employability.