Flexible Employment

Taking A Holistic View

Just like any job seeker, many people with disability have valuable skills, qualifications and experience. The key is matching the right person to the right job. Utilizing a network of employers across South Florida, we work together to deliver you the best possible outcome – the right job sooner. We focus on what you’re good at and match your skills to the right job and continue to support you as your confidence grows and you adjust to your new workplace.

Are You an Employer Seeking a Candidate?

If you’re an employer who wants to find a skilled and motivated employee to work in your business, we can match you with the right employee for the skills, temperament and work ethic you need.At J&CRNC, we work with businesses like yours in our community to break down barriers around hiring people with disability and we’ll work hard to create a great match. We support employees on-the-job for as long as they need us, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone. Your workforce should represent the community and customers you serve. Hiring people with disability helps businesses understand the needs of clients with disability, broadening your customer base and increasing customer loyalty.

How We Help

Ongoing Support Is Critical

Once you’re employed we offer post-placement support to help you keep the job you’ve landed. We work with your employer to ensure any on-the-job support or assistance needed will be provided. With us you’ll receive service that is customized to what you need, delivers the results you want and allows you to learn about yourself and the career you want. Gain access to the services, training and mentoring you need to help build your skills and confidence so that you can find the right job sooner.